Contract and Tender Courses
Contract and Tender Courses

Managing and Understanding The Bidding Process
Achieving Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership From Better Contract Management
Increased Confidence In Dealing With Contract Issues
Greater Ability To Lead 合同 To Successful Conclusions
Provide Better Outcomes from 合同
The Legislative Environment for Public Bids
Post-bid Procedures and Negotiations
Subcontract Management in Government Contracting
Contract Termination Issues
Prepare For Claims And Disputes
Acceptance And Contract Close Out Issues
合同 Management Specialist
材料 & 库存管理
项目评估 & 财务管理
Strategic Contract Management
Presenting the Bid using Focused Presentation Skills
项目管理 for Contracting Professionals
Effective Purchasing, Tendering and Supplier Selection
Contract Risk Management and Compliance
Contract and Project Risk Management and Compliance
Commercial and Business 合同: A Practical Guide
The 合同 and 项目管理
Mastering 合同 Management
Project Risk Management and Compliance
Managing and 谈判 with Consultants and Contractors
Managing Vendor Qualification, Performance and Contract Compliance
Managing Tenders, Specifications and 合同
Commercial and Business 合同: A Practical Guide
The Complete Course on 合同 & 项目管理
Effective Purchasing and 合同谈判 Strategies
Construction 合同 Master class: Developing and Managing Successful Construction 合同
Effective Purchasing, Tendering and Supplier Selection
International Contracting: Global Sourcing, Selecting Contract Clauses and Successful Completion
The 合同 and 项目管理
Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations
Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation
Certified Contract Manager
谈判 合同 Successfully
Managing Contractual Claims
项目管理 for Contract Professionals
Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals
合同 Management Specialist
The Complete Course on 合同 & 项目管理
The Essentials of Contracting
合同: Reading, Writing & 谈判
谈判,起草 & 理解合同
The Essentials of Contracting & 合同谈判
The Complete Course on 合同 Management
The Complete Course on 合同 & 采购管理
The Essentials of Contracting
• 合同 & Procurement Activities Impact On The Bottom Line
Elements of A Good Procurement and Competitive Bidding Process
Bid and Tender Management
Developing Trust and Loyalty – Critical Steps in Partnering
The Project Triangle-Scope, Cost, Time
Basic Principles in Contract Formation
Important Elements of Contract
Bidder Selection, Tender Evaluation and Negotiation
Managing the Performance of the Contract
The Criticality Of Good Contract Administration
Administration of Commercial 合同
Administration of Government 合同
Contract Administration for State and Local Government
How to Tender For 合同
Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques
Federal Architect-Engineer Contracting
Federal Appropriations Law
Federal Contracting Basics
Bid Perfect's Guide To Agile Recruiting
Contract Management Principles and Practices
Federal Construction Contracting (CON 244)
Federal Architect-Engineer Contracting (CON 243)
Intermediate Federal Contracting
Government Contract Law
International Contracting
Introduction to Fixed-Price 合同
Managing Cost-Reimbursement 合同
Managing Performance-Based Service Awards
Legal Considerations in Government Contracting


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