HR and Training Courses
HR and Training Courses

Basics of Human Resources Management
Linking Training to Organizational Goals
Advanced Selection, Interviewing and Recruitment Skills
HR For Non HR People
Performance Management: Setting Objectives and Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
HR Professionals
Manpower Organization, Succession Planning and Trend Analysis
Mastering Training Needs Analysis and Training Evaluation
Professional Recruitment Analyst
The Art of Human Resource Management
Professional Training Coordinator
Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline
Job Evaluation and Analysis
Professional HR Manager
International Certified Trainer
The Training Analyst
How to Design An Effective Training Package
Job Evaluation and Analysis
Kirkpatrick's Levels Of Training Effectiveness
Professional Training Administrator
Internal Consultancy Skills at Work
Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline
Certified Human Resources Professional
Strategic Human Resources Management
Certified Compensation and Benefits Professional
Advanced Employee Relation
Managing and Coordinating Team
Writing HR policies and Procedures
Effective Training In Practice
Essential Skills for the HR Personnel
HR Administration Skills
Auditing HR Processes
Professional Interviewing skills
Identifying Training Need and Evaluating Training
Performance Management : Setting Objective and Conducting Appraisal
TNA Between Theory & Practice
Job Description, Writing and Workshop
HR Analytical Concept and Tools for Effective Decision Making
International Certified Trainer
Career Development and Succession Planning
Train the Trainer from Design to Delivery
Managing and Coordinating Training
The Job Evaluation Workshop
How to Create an Effective Learning Organization
Compensation and Benefits
HR Leadership Competencies for Exceptional Performance
Employee Relation, Roles and Responsibility
Benchmarking HR Performance
Measuring and Forecasting Human Capital Investment
Advance Interviewing, Recruitment, and Selection
How to Write Human Resources Policies and Procedure.
Talent Management & Developing Multicultural Leaders.
Effective Training Between Theory & Practice
Current Issues and Trends in HRM
Transfer Of Learning Into The Workplace
The Main Steps In Successful Recruitment

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