Teacher and Education Courses
Teacher and Education Courses

Teacher Training and Curriculum Development
International Certified Teacher
Class Management in Practice
Effective Teaching From A to Z
How to Create PLE in the Classroom
The Art of Managing Schools
The Effective School Principal
Teaching Methods & Techniques in Practice
How to Deal With Difficult students
Classroom Diversity & Effective Teaching
The Art Of Dealing With Parents
International Certified School Principal
EFQM Applications at schools
Certified Educational Consultant
Certified Quality Advisor in the Educational Field
How to Manage Behaviors Effectively in Real Classrooms
Six Thinking Hats & Effective Teaching
How to Find and Fix Common Classroom Academic Problems
How to Prepare an Effective Lesson Plan
The Art of Giving Students the Tools to Manage Their Own Learning
The Best Strategies for Student and Classroom Behavior Management Problem
Presentation Skills for Effective Teachers
Curriculum design & Development in Practice
The Art of Motivating the Struggling Student
Control the Uncontrollable Students
How to Use Data to Set Classroom Intervention Goals and Monitor Student Progress
The Applications of Technology in the Classroom
How to Manage Behaviors Effectively in Real Classrooms
Using Multiple Intelligences in Teaching
School Evaluation from A to Z

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