Management and 领导人hip Courses
Management and 领导人hip Courses

Bullet Proof Leader At Dynamic Times
Leading Effective Team
Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations
Advanced Supervisory Skills
Strategic Planning & 目标设定
The Competent Manager
The Fundamentals Of Management
Risk Management From A To Z
Leading High Performing Teams
领导人hip, Critical Thinking and Innovation
The Transformational 领导人hip Between Theory & 实践
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Motivating, Coaching, Counseling & 指导
Six Thinking Hats and Effective 领导人hip
管理 Multiple Tasks, Priorities & 最后期限
Building The Middle Level 经理 & Future 领导人
Building Skills for Working In Effective Teams
领导人hip, Communications & Interpersonal Skills
Achieving 领导人hip Excellence
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
NLP & Effective 领导人 & 经理
Writing Skills For 领导人 & 经理
Executive 领导人hip Fundamentals
International Certified Supervisor
Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations
International Certified Manager
Report Writing Skills For 经理 & 监事
Effective Planning & Strategic Thinking
Talented Professional Manager
Customer Focused Management
Developing Excellence in People
管理 & Motivating Towards Excellence
Motivation Skills For 经理 & 领导人
Information and Documentation Compliance
Business Process Analysis & 建模
International Professional Leader
Internal Consultancy Skills at Work
Dynamics of 领导人hip
Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction
Improving Operation Performance and Productivity
Certified Strategic Planner
Business System Analysis
Leading and 管理 Organizational Change
Professional Leader
Planning Specialist
Strategic Thinking & Business Planning
Strategic Planning & 目标设定 for 经理 & 领导人
Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations
Key Managerial Skills for new 经理 and 监事
The Power of 领导人
Effective Supervision Skills
Managerial Decision Making and Problem Solving
The 领导人hip Challenge at Workshop
相结合的理论 & Creative Problem Solving
Result Based 领导人hip
How To Deal With Difficult People
Communication Skills for 经理 & 领导人
Certified Professional Manager
Coaching Skills for Peak Performance
Management Skills and Technique for Engineers
Advanced Intercultural Management
Building Effective Teams & Continuous Improvement
The Art of Taking Creative Decisions
Foundations of 领导人hip
Customer Service Management
Advanced Negotiations and Negotiation Essentials
Strategies for Conflict Management
管理 Time and Diversity
Critical Management Skills
Coaching for competitive advantage
领导人hip Challenges
Change Management Between Theory & 实践
Leading and Working in Teams
Leading a Customer-Centric Culture
Customer Service Management
Motivating and Engaging Employees
Critical Thinking for Better Decision Making
Leading By Examples
Enhancing Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success
Facilitation Skills for 领导人
Workplace Communications
Best 实践s in Multi-shift Operations
The Three-Dimensions of 领导人hip
Advanced Teamwork & Cooperation Skills


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