Secretarial and Admin Courses
Secretarial and Admin Courses

Administrator and Office Management; Best Practice and Technologies
Computer Based Office Administrator and Organization
Projecting Confidence and Poise
Working for Multiple Bosses
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
Managing Multiple Projects
Dealing With Office Politics
Report Writing Skills For Secretaries
Working from a clean Desk
Records management
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010
Developing Core Skills for Administrators and Secretaries
Advanced Office Management and Effective Administration Skills
Professional Skills for Administrators and Secretaries
Information and Documentation Compliance
Electronic Filling & Archiving
The Perfect Personal Assistant
Communication Skills for Secretaries
Office Management From A To Z
Your Role And Responsibilities As The Office Manager
Office Management Specialist
Role And Responsibilities As The Office Manager
Ethical Decision Making Activity
Examining Company Structures & Organization Charts
Office Administration
Document Management Systems
Email Etiquette
Prioritizing Tasks By Urgency & Importance
Identifying Time Wasters
Designing working systems
Typing Skills for Secretaries
Communication Body Language, Words, & Tone of Voice
Non-Verbal Communication
Barriers To Communication & Overcoming Them
Gaining Attention & Connecting With People
Managing Your Key Result Areas & Tasks
Understanding Cultural Differences
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
Understanding Assertiveness Techniques
Dealing With Difficult People & Situations
The Office Manager As A Leader
Telephone Etiquette - The Basics, Telephone Skills
Designing working systems
A Revision Of Business Writing Etiquette
Developing An Appropriate Professional Image
Secretarial & Administrative Role
Managing Your Key Result Areas & Tasks
Effective Filing System
Saying 'No' Constructively And Giving Alternatives
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
Basic Stock Control & Stationery
The Highly Productive and Effective Administrator
The Professional Executive/Personnel Assistant
Effective Daily Plans For PA
Efficient Administration Skills
Certified Administration and Office Management Professional

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